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by Red Sun Revival

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Premonition 04:35
Another silent word Another premonition The seeds of our destruction have been sown within our hearts I've seen it all unfurled A dreadful revelation Too late to change the past The moments last With God as my witness I'm betrayed as I'm forewarned I still proclaim but you can't hear at all You look so bewildered are you wondering at last? What consequences wait and will they ever come to pass? You're living for today You're living in the moment It's always been the same it seems you'll always be this way "Are you contented now?" I cried in all my torment Or are these just imaginary sounds? I've seen into the future and perceived the course of time A prophet or an oracle well I just can't decide I've seized an opportunity to change the things to come I didn't quite persuade you now whatever have we done?
Echoes 05:44
Who was I yesterday? And will I be the same this time tomorrow? Do you recall my name? Perhaps you know how long I've been this way? But if I'm not mistaken I once knew your face quite well You've changed and what you've suffered I can't tell Who's casting this reflection and who stands before me now? There's someone you remind me of somehow Should I remember you today? The sacrifice you made I'm helpless but I'm not afraid Are you an echo of the past Returned to me at last From all these years apart Intangible are rare The glimpses of a life I once remembered Like vapours in the air They drift away in silent motion there And though you seem so different some small trace of you remains I recognise the evidence this way You've come here to remind me of a promise made back then I wonder if we'll ever meet again
Four Walls 04:58
Within my room All sorrow seems so far away And oh so soon They're drifting in my wake And when they're gone I won't preserve a cherished thought for long They're all consumed In time within my room From these four walls There's no escape at all There's nothing else I'm sure I feel afraid no more Where I belong These walls and not beyond Invulnerable and strong I'll miss them when they're gone There's no sunlight No windows and no furniture It's cold at night Asleep to all the world But I'm just fine Protected from the threats that lurk outside Are all my fears Inconsequential here?
In a heartbeat My whole life flashed by Though I'm silent and I can't speak I still know the reasons why My accusers Line up one by one They delight as I discover The true source from which they come Close my eyes for the reckoning time Don't break my fall In the silence You'll hear my cries no more All these promises worthy and kind Won't save my soul Every virtue Redeems no crime at all In an instant All this will be gone In this moment I consider The life I've known so long No defences No resistance stands No illusions or defences We leave with what we have
Fade in Time 06:08
I'm searching the sky Across the horizon I see the world on fire from where I stand I'm certain to find The end at hand Tall flames that dance and blaze across this land And when the evidence is gone We're in the shadows there beyond Will we awaken in the end? And from the ashes rise again We fade in time Will we escape with all our lives? To waste outside Among the ruins left behind For all our fears Will we prevail beyond destruction far and near? In time out here Proud arches and towers Outstretching before me Great monuments to last a thousand years I look for them now But they're not here Fine halls and vast stone walls that once stood near Are we forsaken here today? And will our legacy remain? In undiscovered vaults and shrines Beneath the surface in decline
In Your Name 04:37
You whisper to me I hear your voice You pull the strings and I don't even have a choice You paint a picture A place in time And as you bend me to your will I fall in line Am I the weapon in your hand upon this day You understand that I'm defending you this way Will I consent to your demands Just like a prisoner in your arms I'm torn apart on your command in and your name Without instruction You guide my hand When I dispense your justice nothing else will stand As you work through me In ways unknown Are you inside or are you testing my resolve? However can we save them all in time? A pity for the ones still left behind
I don't know what you want I don't know what you need I'm so possessed it's hard to see reality You inhabit my thoughts I imagine you're near But when I get too close you turn and disappear So I made mistakes forsaken one Do you still believe you'll never fall in love? Sometimes when I see your face in dreams Everything becomes just like a memory I'm afraid all the time I don't know what to do There's something indiscernible about you And wherever you are And whatever you chose I'll try to understand if you still want me to I'll make the same mistakes again And choose the path of least resistance then I hear a voice that makes no sound But only words can reconcile us now
You've seen the thoughts Here in my mind You know their forms and I'm betrayed again this time They all bear witness to the things I've said and done Am I condemned and will your retribution come
I see the same day pass before my eyes Am I a memory of life? And every moment in this lifetime knows no end Whenever will I wake again? These hands before my face seem real right now They feel the same somehow The air I breath is cold upon my face Who dares to leave this place? Now every day for all eternity right here Alone for all these years And still the same events transpire again each day They always end this way
Suddenly the waves are all around We drift upon the water and descend before we drown And as we swirl into the vortex one last time The depths arise to meet us and we're buried here alive Are your's the only words of which I'm sure? You follow in my footsteps and appear to me no more And I perceive your final resting place right now The half remembered faces on the streets and in the crowds


Following their critically acclaimed debut album “Running from the Dawn” (2012,) and popular 4-track EP “Embers” (2014), Red Sun Revival now release their much anticipated second album “Identities”. “Identities” features nine original songs in addition to a re-mixed version of their 2014 single “Mistakes” featuring newly recorded vocals. All songs also feature live drums courtesy of Simon Rippin (The Nefilim, NFD, The Eden House, Adoration.) As with the band’s previous releases, these new songs have been painstakingly mixed and produced by Stephen Carey (The Eden House, Adoration, NFD, This Burning Effigy.). “Identities” represents a new direction for Red Sun Revival, whilst retaining the essential elements of the band’s characteristic sound. The songs are a mixture of both upbeat and brooding pieces and together form part of a broader narrative told throughout the album. Red Sun Revival are proud to release “Identities” on 19 June 2015.


released June 19, 2015

Music by Vaughan (Rob) Leydon and Panos Theodoropoulos*

Lyrics by Rob Leydon

*Additional vocals by Christina Emery on ‘Echoes’ and ‘The Condemned Part I’ and additional keyboards by Sam Morrison on ‘The Condemned Part I’

Performances by:

Rob Leydon - Vocals, Keyboards, Clean Guitar
Matt Helm - Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Panos Theodoropoulos - Bass Guitar
Christina Emery - Electric Violin, Backing Vocals
Simon Rippin - Drums
Sam Morrison - Keyboards (‘The Condemned Part I’)

Recorded by Rob Leydon**
Mixed and produced by Stephen Carey
Mastered by David Blackman at Hiltongrove Mastering
Artwork and graphic design Jonny Helm, Matt Helm, and Sarah Channing-Wright

** Drums recorded by Stephen Carey


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Red Sun Revival UK

Red Sun Revival are an alternative/gothic rock band formed in London, England in 2011. The line-up consists of vocalist/guitarist Rob Leydon, bassist Panos Theodoropoulos, drummer Simon Rippin, and violinist Christina Emery. The band’s sound is defined by sonorous vocals with intricate, sparkly guitars which float over driving bass lines and weave amongst haunting violin harmonies. ... more


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